‘People of Earth’ are welcoming you over at San Diego International Airport

In the month of July, as your plane lands to the sunny planes of San Diego, expect that ‘people of Earth’ will be coming to greet you.

This is not about aliens that you see from the movies (if that’s what you’re thinking). Just like the TBS series where people of Earth took over the SDIA on a series of wraps.

On a picture, Parks and Cons is over the ground within San Diego and were able to provide shots and pictures of the ‘People of Earth’ wraps outside as well as inside the airport.

The series will be providing a panel set on Friday, July 21st over at Sand Diego scheduled at 6-7pm in Room 6A. you can stop by and meet the cast members that include Ana Gasteyer, Michael Cassidy, Oscar Nunez, Bjorn Gustafsson, Nassim Pedrad, Ken Hall and the series executive producer and creator David Jenkins for the exclusive screening of the said series in its season 2 premier.

During the event, the parking areas are expected to be full so be sure to take the shuttle service instead when going to the airport.