Italian Travel – A Tourists Paradise

When you are looking for a piece of heaven on earth, there is no other place to visit but in Italy. During its long history, Roman catholicism, the largest religion known in the country has a big impact in this country’s architectures and infrastructure. Until nowadays, these monuments and fascinating environments amuses people all over the world, mostly due to the story and rich history that these place has become a center of entertainment during the early years. It was considered as the “Hollywood”  of classical era.

On visiting Italy, A paradise adventure would be best if you would stay in a nearby  Italian country villas, where you can get to live and experience a countryside serenity, you’ll fall in love with its green lushes of trees, plants and an intense amount of fresh air unlike those in the cities moreover a clear blue sky welcomes you to your morning of delight with a sumptuous breakfast, your first breath of heaven on earth.

When you mention Paradise, you get the idea of a place in timeless harmony, a land of luxury and fulfillment like the Garden of Eden described in the bible. The people of the early period looked no other place for a similar paradise than in Italy, that’s because the mountainous beauty, the widespread greenery, and favorable environment capture the very essence of each living’s sense of paradise, the reason why the land has attracted invasions during the earliest centuries.

The people of Italy during the first centuries had been greatly influenced by Roman Catholicism this became their inspirations in building artistic architectural infrastructures to reach their vision of “Paradise”. They built temples, colosseum, castles, unique tower’s and grandiose cathedrals to name a few, and a few remnants of the luxurious location of the elites have been excavated, known as the city of Pompeii, although there are still others that have yet been discovered on our time but the fascinating beauty of even the tiniest evidential remnants is proof enough to know that Italy has become a “paradise” and still remains so until modern period.

Now, for your paradise destination, we have round-up the best heavenly destinations to set foot on your journey of bliss.

Chianti, Tuscany Destinations:

Discover Chianti’s beautiful towns

The Chianti Valley is located in provinces of Florence and Siena, it is well-renowned for its famous wines. Small towns with cellars, farmhouses are usually seen, including medieval villages, vineyards- covered hills, forests of oaks and chestnuts.

Greve Town

The gateway to Chianti coming from Florence is a place where world renowned vineyards are visibly seen. Walk into the famous piazza or triangular square shaped town as you enter Chianti which was considered as a market place back in the centuries.


A few kilometers of at the south of Greve is a defensive fortress landmark of Chianti where you can find the Castle of Panzano stands as a fundamental bulwark of defense for the Florentine Republic.


A further ride to Siena will get you to a town called Castellina, where a massive Rocca (castle) and  Via Delle Volte are some of the famous destinations to watch out for in the town.


Forbes number one on it’s list,  “Europe’s most idyllic places to live”  is non-other than Gaoile. Visit the Castello di Brolio palace and garden when you visit Gaoile.


Visit the ancient village charm at Radda and also check out the pieves or local parish churches.

Poggibonsi, Italy Destinations:

  1. Archeodromo
  2. Palazzo Pretorio
  3. Sanctuario del Romituzzo
  4. The Church of San Lorenzo
  5.  Fonte delle Fate

Fortezza Medicea di Poggio Imperial

Florence Destinations:

  1. The Duomo
  2. Centro storico di Firenze
  3. Fountain of Neptune
  4. Palazzo Vecchio
  5. Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge)
  6. Piazza della Signoria

Top Paradise Dining Destinations

IO osteria personale Restaurant


Borgo San Ferdiano 167r, 50124, Florence, Italy

A Michelin star restaurant serving original dishes of a young owner who is a former veterinarian.

Panini Toscani Restaurant


Piazza del Duomo, 34/R

A high rated restaurant great for families serving lunch and brunch meals.

Ristorante Inferno Restaurant


Via Ghibellina, 80/R | angolo Via dei Pepi, 50122, Florence, Italy

6850 St- Dominique / dante -petite italie

A guaranteed 5-star rating restaurant good for families and children serving Italian cuisines and gluten free options.

On your travel to Italy, take note of the top tips which are indicated to ensure your safe journey. Researching beforehand is one of a basic necessity in travel. So take note and research for some of the advice people indicates for your hassle less voyage.

Top Tips for your paradise travel

Bring a handheld GPS with you. Italy is huge and you’ll never know where your journey might take you especially when you start to get engrossed with it’s beauty! Do not forget one of the most important gadget so you won’t get lost no matter what.

A paper map or guide is important to bring too for easier access without exhausting batteries of your gadgets.

  1. Bring a universal adapter and gadget charger and extra batteries
  2. Road trips are the best, you may rent a car and it will give you the freedom to discover all the best sites in Italy.
  3. Study the language before hand, but don’t be shy to ask for directions.
  4. Check the weather conditions and events happening beforehand.

Italy’s destinations are known for numerous castles which are a must-see for medieval period lovers. Their food and wine are delectable and the warmth welcome of the people makes visitors want to stay and live in. So pack your bags and book your flight, and don’t forget to reserve your a slot in country villas for your entrance to paradise!