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The following article was originally published on on 1/11/18. Located on the western edge of Wyoming, the Jackson Hole valley is home to some natural and human-made attractions. No matter which part of Jackson Hole you’re staying in. But before everything, let us learn what’s with the infamous Jackson Hole Valley. Jackson Hole Valley is located between the Teton Mountain Range and the Gros Ventri Range located in Wyoming. Long ago, the residents in the area used to travel the mountain and return back down. In the process, the residents experiences steep slopes when they descend that gives… Read Article →

A trip to the capital of New Mexico is guaranteed fun for your family. You’ll find several marvelous entertainment options in the city, and many of them are inimitable. The unique style and landscape provide an unforgettable backdrop for tourist activities. Here are four things you have to do during your first trip to Santa Fe. Catch a Train As the world readies for the arrival of Hyperloop transportation, the greater Santa Fe area offers a throwback form of travel. You should plan to visit nearby Chama where you can board the world-famous Cumbres &… Read Article →

New Mexico’s diverse landscape offers a wealth of wonderful romantic experiences. Whether you’re looking to soak in a hot spring or stretch your legs on the trail, you’ll find that this state has just the thing for your escape. Couples who need a little time away from the hustle of their daily lives can easily get back to a slower pace at one of the many charming destinations available throughout the state. Consider these spots for your next weekend for two. Jemez Springs Jemez Springs, New Mexico, is best known for its namesake hot springs…. Read Article →

Oklahoma City is great, but the Downtown District is really where it’s at. Downtown is packed full of things to do and offers up some compelling reasons as to why it should be on your vacation list. Check out what makes Downtown OKC awesome. National Memorial and Museum The Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum is a must if you’re headed to downtown OKC. Standing in memory of the lives lost during the Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995, the museum and memorial offer a space for insights and reflection. The museum tells the story of… Read Article →

It’s more common than you might think to find yourself suffering from a sudden flight delay or cancellation when you thought your travel experience was going smoothly. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you prepare for your trip, there’s always a chance that something will happen beyond your control that prevents you from taking to the tarmac on time. If you’re starting to wonder what your airlines are hiding from you, then it could be time to start thinking about airport delay secrets, and how you can prepare yourself for getting the compensation that you deserve…. Read Article →

Short trips to Rome are for the courageous heart. No kidding, earlier when I interviewed my mother who just had baggage full of souvenir items placed on stacks in my bed and had lied down flat almost falling asleep from her flight. Her airport arrival at Aeroporto Internazionale Leonardo da Vinci was the start of her pumping adventure, it seemed like the 3 days free trip ticket and lodging that I gave to her was “not enough” to savor the beauty of the place. I then tugged the covers to keep her warm. Later, when she… Read Article →

This article was originally published on September 27, 2017 on Boston NAVEA Minneapolis, Minnesota, offers a wealth of exciting experiences for travelers of all tastes. As Minnesota’s largest city, you’ll find plenty to see, and everything is available to you for less than the costs of many other large urban areas. Keep in mind the following tips to make the most of your Minneapolis vacation. Use the Light Rail to Get Around Forget about taxis when you’re in Minneapolis; taking the light rail is easier. The METRO Blue Line starts its journey at Target Field and travels… Read Article →

The holidays are right around the corner which means friends, family, and a lot of traveling. In fact, AAA estimated that more than 103 million people traveled last year for the holidays which was a record number of travelers. Whether you are traveling by train, plane, or automobile, the toll traveling takes on your body can be huge. Traveling healthily is important so that you can enjoy your holiday season and avoid any long-term effects from your trip. There are several health-conscious steps you can take when traveling this holiday season. First, pack plenty of… Read Article →

When you are looking for a piece of heaven on earth, there is no other place to visit but in Italy. During its long history, Roman catholicism, the largest religion known in the country has a big impact in this country’s architectures and infrastructure. Until nowadays, these monuments and fascinating environments amuses people all over the world, mostly due to the story and rich history that these place has become a center of entertainment during the early years. It was considered as the “Hollywood”  of classical era. On visiting Italy, A paradise adventure would be… Read Article →

Although going to the airport isn’t exactly on everyone’s bucket list, but just like every destination, every airport is different. You can’t deny that navigating to a new airport is challenging as your mind may brim with lots of questions like should I go for Ivar’s chowder or Beecher’s mac ‘n cheese at SeaTac? If you ponder over these types of questions, just relax. We are here with our series of guides to America’s airports that have all the answers of your airport questions. Our TripIt airport guide to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW)… Read Article →

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