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Most of us think it would be great to suddenly decide to take a vacation and just be able to take off. However, in the past, it seemed difficult to do so due to high prices when booking at the last minute. Fortunately, there are now ways people can get a great deal on vacations booked on short notice. Below are some easy tips to booking a cheap vacation at the last minute: 1. The internet is a great resource when looking to book a cheap vacation at the last minute. For instance, there are… Read Article →

So you really want to travel! You love it, you dream of traversing the planet with a friend or spouse. This has been your desire since you were a kid watching movies about Europe, the Orient, Africa or South America. Okay, what’s stopping you? Oh, it’s money again. Lack of cash often prevents us from doing things we long to do. Well, you can store up money to travel and then there are multitudes of ways to save money while you travel. 1) If you give up that gym membership for a year, you can… Read Article →

Browse through the magazine racks of any bookstore and you’ll find the number of travel and leisure magazines offered endless. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip, wanting some top tips to plan a vacation or simply a new activity to keep you busy during time off at home, travel and leisure magazines are the perfect place to start your search. Here’s a round up of some of the best available: Time Out Magazine Fast becoming the leading authority on the world’s best cities, from LA to Buenos Aires, Cape Town to Copenhagen,… Read Article →

The Insider’s view – When is best to ski? The Answer: Well that depends… Here’s how it breaks down- Early season/ before Xmas – If the snowcover is there, then this is a great time to go piste skiing, but head for the tree-lined resorts rather than the rocky ones; that is, if you don’t want to shred your skis to bits! (I’ve learnt this the hard way in Meribel!) You will find some fantastic value chalet holidays early on, and if the early snows grace us again, as they have done for the last… Read Article →

Planning family vacations does not always have to be a taxing one, especially if you have a knack for finding the best all inclusive travel and leisure packages. Traveling with kids often requires more preparation compared to traveling with your partner, with friends or another adult, and before even setting ground rules, you should get started by brainstorming on a vacation spot that will be enjoyable not just for kids of varying ages, but for the adults joining the trip as well. With this in mind, we’ve listed a couple of luxury travel destinations that… Read Article →

Travel and leisure world is one place that everybody wishes he or she can go to. This is most common in Europe where millions and millions of tourists flock each and every year. Europe, more than any other continent is known for its grandeur and ambiance. There are the Royal Caribbean Cruises which make this wonderful travel and leisure world more than just a mere vacation. As you set out on your journey, be sure to start your experience of a lifetime in this fleet of ships. They have everything that anyone could expect in… Read Article →

No matter what your circumstances in life, there is bound to come a time when you want to travel with your family on a long vacation. Travelling with the kids can cause anxiety and sheer fright in some parents, not to mention the kids themselves! But it doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom. There are plenty of positives when a family travels together, things like bonding and sharing long conversations that you might otherwise miss at home. Then of course there is the excitement of discovering something together. Just remember to take out… Read Article →

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